The TP-Link extender offers a user-friendly and convenient web-interface that helps to line up the extended network. Tplink repeater covers the utmost area of your home. The web login page allows the users to line up and configure the tplink network with no hassle. TP-Link extender is one of the best network products available within the market that matches all kinds of home and business networking needs. Users can use to log into tp-link extender setup page and found out the extended network. With the tplink extender, you’ll experience similar and high-speed Wi-Fi at every corner of your home. setup boosts the general strength of your wireless network. You can do setup employing a manual method or WPS method. Tether app also allows you to remotely manage the tplink repeater network.

Manual Method of TP-Link Repeater Setup With setup process allows you to line up an extended network by using the online address or

  1. They are Place your tplink repeater and connect your computer to its default SSID.
  2. Steer an online browser and attend the login page.
  3. Fill within the default password and username on the login pop-up.
  4. This may offer you admin access in order that you’ll extend your home network.
  5. Select the 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz network of your tplink repeater home router and enter its wireless password.
  6. Name your tplink repeater extended network and give it a new password; click ‘Save’ to complete the process.

WPS Method for TP-Link Wireless Repeater Setup

You can do the tplink repeater setup by using the WPS button. Follow these easy tplink repeater setup instructions.

  1. Find the WPS button on the tplink repeater and your existing router after placing the devices in a right place.
  2. A user needs to press the WPS button first on the tplink repeater and then on their router.
  3. The Wi-Fi LED on the tplink repeater will become stable. It will take a couple of minutes.
  4. The tplink repeater will start catching the wifi settings of the router.
  5. Finally, you’ll hook up with your extended network. Go to the setup page if you would like to customize the wireless settings.

Setup TP-Link Repeater Using the Tether App

As well as use a Tether app to configure and setup your tplink repeater network. Go through these easy tplink repeater setup steps:-

  1. Download the Tether app from the App Store and Play Store. It is available as a desktop app.
  2. Place the tplink device in a range of the router and wait for it to boot up.
  3. Connect your mobile or laptop to tplink wifi SSID.
  4. Launch the app and enter the small print of your tplink extender
  5. After this, the tether app will allow you to hook up with your router’s SSID. You need to provide its password.
  6. Hence, you’ll connect your extended network by using the SSID and passkey of your router.
Setup TP-Link Repeater Using the Tether App

Login To TP-Link Repeater With login address is employed to line up and extend your home network. In case, not working, you’ll use the default ip address You need to supply the default password to urge the tplinkextender net admin access. Follow these steps to perform the login for tplink setup-

  1. Open up an internet browser of your choice on a tool you’ve got connected to tplink SSID.
  2. Type or in the address bar. Use if not connecting or responding.
  3. Now, enter the default password and username for your tplink device.
  4. If the details are accurate, you will have the admin access and get the tplink repeater setup page.
  5. As well as user can now complete the setup process and extend the wireless network.

Access TP-Link Repeater Setup Page to vary the Network Name and Password

  1. Connect your computer to the wireless network of tplink
  2. Type in the address bar and provide the default password and admin name.
  3. Next, as well as log into tplink repeater setup page and go to the “Wireless” tab. henceforth, select the ‘Wireless Settings’
  4. Give a new Network name and passkey to your new extended tplink repeater network.
  5. Finally, apply the recent changes and permit your device to reboot.

TP-Link Repeater Trouble shooting | Not Working

Despite of such easy setup issues, as well as users still encounter issues with the procedure. They often fail to urge redirected to the login page. For resolving issues like not working, as well as we are providing some troubleshooting methods. If the login address isn’t working or responding, you initially got to rule the apparent which is checking if all devices are attached properly. Check that the online browser that you simply are using to access the tplink repeater login page isn’t outdated and supports the web domain. Double-check the login details that you’re using to access the  dashboard. In case of forgot password, you would like to reset your device.

Facing Trouble with Setup

Issues together with your tplink repeater device can take a toll on your day-end productivity. Make sure you’ve got a resource helping you alleviate the effort out of troubleshooting issues early. We at, are a team of experts having knowledge in troubleshooting issues like tplink repeater not working, not connecting, trouble accessing the login address, recovering default password, as well as performing a device RESET in case of forgot password and more.